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Effective Advertising Within Social Networks

Social Media Advertising offers businesses some of the most highly targeted, accurate, and cost-effective advertising opportunities today. As Social Networking becomes a standard in today’s modern lifestyle, people are constantly using sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to connect with their friends, family and coworkers.

The content users share, as well as the pages and products they like, all contribute to a massive database of people. These databases of information have become one of the most powerful tools to advertisers in the past decade. With a tremendous ability to pin-point ideal customers or clients, Social Media Advertising is becoming an industry favorite with good reason.


Facebook Advertising

Reach your ideal customer while their browsing the world’s largest social network. TechWyse can advertise your business through Facebook’s news feed and right-panel ads. Facebook advertising can target both mobile and desktop viewers respectively, and serve three main objectives: Increase your page “Likes”, Increase your page user-engagement, and drive someone to your website or landing page call-to-action.


Twitter Advertising

Whether you have a Twitter profile or not, if your ideal client is on Twitter, then Twitter Advertising applies to you!

Through Twitter Advertising, you can accomplish many objectives. Campaigns can be focused around building your Twitter following through promoted accounts or tweets, or you can offer advertising focused on driving traffic directly to your site. Social Networks give advertisers access to highly detailed targeting, so you can reach your ideal audience cost-effectively.

Want to take it a step further? Try Twitter remarketing! Only advertise to those who have already been to your site, and reinforce your brand presence online to keep your brand top-of-mind.


LinkedIn Advertising

Is your business B2B focused? LinkedIn advertising could be your perfect medium! LinkedIn is the only social network that allows highly targeted ads based on salary, job position, company, experience, expertise, and many other job-specific criteria.

Cold-calling in an attempt to work your way up to the decision marker is a waste of time. Get them during their down-time while their on LinkedIn! Start getting relevant leads contacting you.

Social Retargeting

Search Mountain has access to Facebook’s ad-exchange network (FBX), allowing us to provide our clients with industry-leading social-retargeting!

What is retargeting?

Retargeting or Remarketing is the tactic of serving ads to users who have previously visited your website, or product page.

Search Mountain can retarget to your website visitors while they are browsing Facebook or Twitter. No Facebook page? No problem! The ads can drive users back to your website.

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How will you build a following for me on social media?

From creating intriguing and sharable content to post on our social sites to interacting with engaging people who are interested in your industry, we have tried and proven ways that we use to increase your social presence!

Can I advertise on multiple social networks or just one?

With TechWyse, you have the ability to advertise on as many social networks as you want! We’ll help you determine which platforms would be the most likely to generate leads and develop a social strategy based on your clientele.

How does linking social media photos to my website help my Google ranking?

Your end goal with social media is to get eyes on your website. By using a links to direct traffic back to your site, you increase page views which will help increase correlates with high Google ranking!

How active do my accounts have to be in order to be successful?

Dead social accounts are essentially useless. If your followers aren’t getting helpful and interesting information in their news feed, they’re going to unlike your page and your social efforts will fall flat. You want to be as engaged as possible in order to generate good leads!

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