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If I sign up for blogging services, will I see an increase in leads right away?

Although blogging improves your SEO and increases your leads, it takes awhile to see important results. One of our best suggestions for immediately increasing your leads is linking our content marketing services to our social services. In this way, we can promote your content from the moment it was created to get faster results!

How much new content will I get every month?

It depends on your needs and what you want to achieve with your website. From just a few on-page blogs per month to multiple on-page and off-page blogs per week, we create content based on your online goals.

Wouldn’t it be better if I just wrote the blogs myself?

While it’s always nice to personalize your blog, the benefits of hiring a content marketing team to write your posts are virtually limitless. Our team of professional writers tailors the writing to the desired tone and ensures that all written content is fully optimized for search engines. And we can create off-page content that generates much-needed backlinks!

Can I suggest topics I want to see on my blog?

Of course! Although we follow an evergreen strategy for all blogs, we are always ready to accept your ideas. You know your company and your customers best. That is why we like to write content that shares your expertise with the world.

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