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If you’re like most of the people we’ve talked to, you’re here because you’ve been involved in Internet marketing and have not achieved the expected results. Or maybe you’ve heard all the excitement about search engine marketing for a while and are looking for an internet marketing company to guide you.

If you have ever been burned – we understand. It’s a new industry and people do not always know what questions they have to ask. You’ll find that we’re working on a carefully planned process called SMART PLAN CYCLE, and we have the breadth to ensure we meet all the specific needs of our customers.

Getting Internet Marketing Done According To A Process

We are a team of seasoned professional marketers who specialize in one of the top three areas that contribute to a successful Internet marketing campaign.

This four-step process, which you’ll see throughout Search Mountain website, is called SMART PLAN aand is essential to provide an end-to-end marketing solution for impact on the Internet.

Founded in 2001 by Cesario Ginjo, the company was built and continues to evolve due to careful attention in creating a complete internet marketing solution for our customers.

Doing Internet Marketing Right For A Long Time

Back in 2001, Search Mountain CEO Cesario Ginjo was often quoted saying, “The internet is so new that companies will soon figure out that websites are not just here as a placeholders to show company information. In a very short time websites will be a valuable marketing tool that will rival and exceed every other advertising medium in existence today.”

This time has come and we from Search Mountain have been here to participate in the wonderful development of the internet marketing industry!

What Makes

Search Mountain Special?

Will not you see that the SMART PLAN process is replicated around the world? Because? To be successful throughout the internet marketing cycle, a company needs a large team of highly motivated and specialized individuals.

With more than 150 employees organized in this four-part umbrella, Search Mountain can design, introduce, maintain and continually improve a set of tools that ensure total online dominance.

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