Conversion Rate Optimization

Leave no visitor behind. Make sure you get the most out of every site visit.

Conversion Rate Optimization is the method of analyzing user interaction on your website. This includes utilizing analytics, A/B testing, style changes, and careful lead measuring.

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The Intuitive Side

We have been doing this for over a decade and while the technology and trends of the user interface have changed, the need to convert the maximum number of visitors is not. Small things like using different images or changing colours and the message button’s call to action can have a big impact on a business’ results.

Our team is testing a number of different conversion enhancements and implementing our best practices for user interfaces that work across different industries.

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A,B,T - Always Be Testing

We like testing. We like to say: let the data decide. Optimizing your conversion ratio includes changing the layout and then making alternative extensions. We then send half of the traffic to one version and the other half to another version. Over time, we collect information about which page has the highest number of conversions.

This means that our best practice is at a different level. The end result is a website that gets the most out of your marketing dollars.

Smart Plan Sales Funnel

Call-To-Action Development

A Call to Action or Sales Trip focuses on converting visitors to potential customers.

It is important that you capture the user’s “above fold”.

A fold is understood to be a part of the home page or landing page that is visible to the user before it moves down. It is very important to create a compelling call to action and images that will attract the user’s attention during the first critical moments they enter on your site.

The Art

Your website is the final step in the larger funnel of your marketing program. It is crucial that you use compelling buttons, messages, images and contact forms. We use the experience of a decade to develop effective call-to-actions to convert your visitors to customers.

We look at everything from scrolling banners to the readability of the copy in the message. We also ensure that users can easily contact you via contact forms, have highly visible telephone numbers and easily filled captchas. Contact us today!

The Science

A call-to-action is really a sales funnel, with a lot going on behind the scenes. Our contact forms not only send a message to your email but also connect to LeadGenPro – your complete lead tracking dashboard and management system. That’s why your LeadGenPro contact form also tells you where your leads come from so you can better understand your marketing dollars.

Call tracking numbers are another great way to increase your website conversion. This allows you to dynamically change the phone number on your site, depending on where the user came from. That way, you’ll also know which marketing initiatives generate the most leads so you can get real costs per lead.

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What is a conversion?

Conversion is everything that is related to customer interaction. From filling out a contact form to watching videos and subscribing to newsletters.

How will I be able to tell that my optimized page is making any difference?

Tracking metrics such as Google Ads provide up-to-date information about your site’s performance. With these tools, you can compare your search and access data with your original website and optimized pages to thoroughly demonstrate the newly improved performance.

How should I choose between Conversion Rate Optimization or a new website?

By optimizing your conversion rate, your site is moved from an un-aesthetic and low-engagement platform to a website that promotes collaboration with users. If you just want to refine your existing pages, you probably just a need to optimize your conversion rate.

Will Conversion Rate Optimization bring me more traffic?

The main purpose of optimizing your conversion rate is not traffic, but the conversion of existing traffic. If you want to increase traffic, you should combine your newly optimized sites with the right SEO content and a strong PPC campaign.

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